ATZ Server.NET as a Windows Service Server

Windows Services are applications that have the ability to run in the background, and without a user interface. Microsofts own Web Server software runs as a Service. ATZ Server.NET also includes this ability, to run as a true Windows Service. It also contains all the features you've come to expect from an Internet Server, logging of client sessions, multithreading, and scalability.

Configuring Atomic Time Zone Server.NET as a Windows service is as simple as selecting the option upon installation, and Configuring the Server.

To Install ATZ Server.NET as a Windows Service, upon installation select the "Allow ATZ Server.NET to run as a Windows Service" option. If you did not select this option, simply reinstall ATZ Server.NET and do so.

  To Configure the ATZ Server.NET Service, simply load the "ATZ Server.NET Service Configuration" from the Programs Group of ATZ Server.NET, or directly from the ATZ Server.NET Folder.

To the left you see a screenshot of the Atomic Time Zone Server.NET Service Configuration. From here you may easily change any and all settings associated with your ATZ Server.NET Service. You may enable or disable individual servers, enter your registration key, and stop and restart the ATZ Server.NET Service.

Other options include

  Clicking on "View Log File" which will bring up the current days logfile for client sessions if there is one.

  Clicking the "This Time Zone" button allows you to configure the servers local time zone.

  Selecting the region the Server operates in. This enables ATZ Server.NET to use the atomic time servers via the internet that are closest to your geographical location. This option is used when you select "Randomize Atomic Time Servers" which then picks an atomic time server, at random, matching your region.

  If you so desire, you can deselect "Randomize Atomic Time Servers" and simply select one from the pull down list. Doing things this way forces ATZ Server.NET to use a single atomic time server, and your server selected becomes default. We do not recommend relying on a single server, and instead suggest using the Randomize feature because it offers the best redundancy.

  Enabling WC3 Extended logging causes ATZ Server.NET to create a logfile for each day recording not only client sessions, but the servers own Time Adjustments.

  ATZ Server.NET ships with a default synchronization of the Server itself once every 15 minutes. In laboratory tests, this has shown to keep the local clock within a few milliseconds of Atomic Time.

  Once you have made your desired changes, click the Save Changes button and you will have the option of restarting the Service if its running with your new changes.