ATZ Server.NET as a Windows Server

ATZ Server.NET can operate as a full replacement for the Windows Time Services also known as W32Time. ATZ Server.NET can also replace the Windows "DayTime" service - which operates on port 13. Windows Time Services included with Windows 2000 Server, and Professional, Windows XP Professional editions, and the new Windows.NET Server is not as good as ATZ Server.NET - we'll tell you why.

  How ATZ Server.NET compares to the Windows Time Services.

Why default Windows Time Services can't out perform ATZ Server.NET

#1 - Bad W32Time Defaults to a several second accuracy (vs mere milliseconds with ATZ Server.NET). This means that although W32Time can communicate with Time Servers, and also set the time, it doesn't do so with the accuracy meant for an atomic time server. ATZ Server.NET does operate with the accuracy meant for an atomic time server.
#2 - Bad W32Time Operates in 8 hr intervals regularly. In fact, to operate it automatically less than once every 45 minutes isn't possible as a feature. It won't check your clock as frequently as ATZ Server.NET will, and thus ATZ Server.NET, again, is more accurate. Inaccurate Server time means inaccurate client times. We know this, and this is another reason ATZ Server.NET is superior.
#3 - Bad W32Time Implements a much less recent RFC Internet Time Standard called Simple Network Time Protocol version 3. As documented in this Microsoft Knowledge Base report, W32Time is using an older version of SNTP. ATZ Server.NET uses the most recent SNTP implementation meaning its ready to handle the most recent clients, and also provide them with accurate time.
#4 - Bad Windows DayTime Service While we can understand how easy it is for the service to simply send out a timestamp and forget about it, ATZ Server.NET doesn't operate this way. While the Windows DayTime Service will send out a timestamp (not of much use because it doesn't contain region info), ATZ Server.NET does much more. ATZ Server.NET sends out an industry standard timestamp format, which uses UTC. A further and more advanced implementation of the DayTime protocol was carried out by The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This protocol, an adaption of their ACTS, provides a wealth of more information, and can be used by any NIST time client or ATZ Time client.
#5 - Bad Windows DayTime Service The Windows Daytime service is "hidden" under the "Windows Simple TCP/IP Services" Service. ATZ Server.NET makes the Daytime Server clear as day, and easily configurable.
#6 - Bad Windows DayTime Service Any options? We don't think so. With Windows DayTime Service, you're stuck with a simple timestamp. With ATZ Server, you have the option of using the more advanced NIST/ACTS protocol (default), or a timestamp conformed to the UTC standard. That means accurate timestamps that clients can use, not inaccurate ones like the Windows DayTime Service.
#7 - Bad - No UnixTime UnixTime on Windows? Well, not until ATZ Server.NET came along. The ATZ Server.NET UnixTime server sends out a valid and accurate to the second UnixTime.
#8 - Bad - No Time Service in Windows. Just because Windows Time Service is called Windows Time Service doesn't mean it's using the standard "Time Protocol" AKA "Time of Day or ToD". In fact, you won't find the "Time Protocol" implementation included with Windows. ATZ Server.NET comes with all 4 major time protocols in the world. Time Protocol is one of them.
#9 - Can I Log any of this? With ATZ Server, yes. With Windows Time Service, not in the industry standard Internet log file format - WC3 Extended. ATZ Server.NET also takes logging one step further providing full Nasdaq OATS Compliance recording time change adjustments for the server itself. ATZ Server Clients can also be configured to log their time adjustments for accurate record keeping.
#10 - Redundancy So Windows lets you configure a few time Servers. What if these few fail? Not only does ATZ Server.NET pair itself up with a time server near you, generally there are much more than a few per region. Because ATZ Server.NET can also randomly pick which server it uses and when, it is highly improbable ATZ Server.NET will ever have a problem synching itself.
#11 - Good ATZ Server.NET can not only operate as a Windows Service, it can operate each of the Windows Time Services, and much more, all under a single Service. ATZ Server.NET not only runs each of the Windows Time Services, it also adds a few of its own making it the most robust Windows Time Service in the history of Windows.
#12 - ATZ Server.NET is built around the Microsoft .NET Framework, and this means its built for the NET, and runs with the latest Windows abilities, yeilding the best performance and stability scenario. The older Windows Time Services havn't been upgraded in years.
#13 - ATZ Server.NET contains a total of 5 time servers in one tight package. Not only is it multithreaded adding to its performance, its using the latest in Microsoft technologies for the best performance and feature rich Time Server combination in the world.