Atomic Time Zone Revision History [Regular Edition]

5.1.1 Major Update Released 9/21/2002

  • Increased precision of ATZ.
  • Changed default protocol to SNTP (which is recommended for highest precision).
  • More functionality enhancements.
  • This release is a Mandantory Update.
5.0.00 Major Update Released 6/12/2002
  • Feature Request Added: ATZ Floating Clock.
      This feature allows an ATZ Clock Skin or font to float above other applications, with transparency.
  • More functionality enhancements.
  • This release is a Mandantory Update.
4.0.40 Major Update Released 5/20/2002
  • AMO Auto Update Feature Added.
      This enables our products to update with a single click, or keypress. With AMO Auto Update, you simply answer Yes to the update, it is automatically downloaded, the software is updated, and automatically started again. Depending on the speed of the connection, this can take as few as 15 seconds.
  • This release is a Mandantory Update.
4.0.39 Major Update Released 5/15/2002
  • Added new Windows Time Zone selection button.
  • Added automatic time zone change detection and following synchronization.
  • Added various update features.
  • This release is a Mandantory Update.
4.0.38 Minor Update Released 5/14/2002
  • Added various update features.
  • Enhanced Memory functions - uses less memory.
  • This release is a Mandantory Update.
4.0.37 Major Update Released 4/26/2002
  • Added various update features.
  • Updated Global Servers
  • This release is a Mandantory Update.
4.0.31 Major Update Released 4/25/2002
  • International Date/Time changes. Thanks to Mr. Tonoli in Italy.
  • Various update enhancements.
  • Updated Global Servers
  • This release is a Mandantory Update.
4.0.23 Major Update Released 4/12/2002
  • Enhanced Windows XP User Interface
  • Updated Global Servers
4.0.17 Major Update Released 4/08/2002
  • Added new LED display readouts for receiving data, transmitting data, and Atomic Clock Source.
  • Added enhanced Help System.
  • Added Atomic Time Zone Windows Clock Skins.
  • Core Simple Network Time Protocol functionality added.
  • Core UnixTime functionality added.
  • Core DayTime functionality added. (Julian Date NIST compliant)
  • Tied country Flags to update icons: When an atomic update is occuring - in the tasktray - the country flag of the country where the server is located is used.
  • Added Green LCD Like readout Display.
  • Added Time Protocol Selection.
  • Added Time Protocol Information to new ATZ Server File.
3.0.35 Minor Update Released 3/19/2002
  • Fixed minor post 15 day trial issue.
3.0.33 Major Update Released 2/28/2002
  • Added Command Line Options:
    -ro RunOnce (Runs ATZ, updates clock, closes)
    -rs RunSilent (Runs ATZ Silently - without a user interface)
  • Added Windows 2000 and XP Support.
  • Enhanced User Interface for simplicity.
  • Added Country Flags for Time Servers.
  • Added ATZ Server File with Regions.
  • Added "Check for Software Updates" feature -
    Allows download of new ATZ Software including immediate Server File Updates.
  • Added Automatic and Random Region Isolation.
  • Added Open Minimized Option.
  • Added start when Windows Starts Option.
1-3 Major Releases 8/03/1996 (private corporate use)