Welcome to Atomic Time Zone!

  Atomic Time Zone Software is the first software of its kind in the world.
  This is because, not only does ATZ support ALL major Time Protocols in the world, all at the same time, it does so with intelligence and ease of use.

  On top of automatically adjusting your computers clock with the worlds most accurate time pieces, the simplicity of ATZ's use is part of its power. You select how often you would like ATZ to synchronize your clock, and ATZ does so. Simple as that.

  Atomic Time Zone Regular Edition also supports Windows Clock Skinning. This enables you to change the look of your Windows Clock. Again, ATZ provides simple and easy control of the feature, letting you easily switch skins, preview them before you switch, and control whether AMPM, Military Time, or seconds are displayed. This is all accomplished without a strain on your system resources.

  All in all, Atomic Time Zone is a great addition to your Windows Operating System, and ATZ supports Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP.

  That's why ATZ is keeping you right on time anywhere in the world...and it's doing it with simplicity and style.