Congratulations - you now have access to the worlds most accurate time pieces, Atomic Clocks.

Welcome to Atomic Time Zone Software

Download and installation


You must first download and install Atomic Time Zone. The ATZ Download is located online at Once you have downloaded, installed and run Atomic Time Zone, you will see the main screen.

Understanding the Main Screen


Atomic Time Zone comes with preset default settings. It defaults to the North American region, and selects a Time Server based on this region automatically. Under the "Atomic Time Server" you see the actual address of the ATZ Time Server. Below this, you see a printout of the correct Date/Time as well as any adjustments made to your clock recently.

If you want to simply adjust your clock real quick to see ATZ work, press the Synchronize button at any time.

During an Atomic Clock Synchronization, Atomic Time Zone displays the activity using its green LEDs. The LED under SRC blinks green when it's attempting to contact an Atomic Clock, and is solid when a connection is in progress. The LED under the label RX is solid when data from an Atomic Clock is being received. When using the SNTP Time Protocol for example, a small packet of data is sent to the Atomic Clocks, and in this case the LED under the label TX would be solid.

About/Help  The About and Help button gives you more information about Atomic Time Zone, allows you to enter your registration code, and access this or the online help.

Minimize  The Minimize button serves the same function as the smaller minimize button (upper right hand corner -), but is more conveinent when needing to place ATZ in your Windows TaskTray quickly.

Under the Options and the Green LCD like readout, you will see a friendly name for the Atomic Time Server selected. Since the particular server in the screenshot is located in New York, it has an American Flag. When you select the Randomize Atomic Time Servers checkbox, ATZ will pick one randomly each time according to your region in the world.

Synchronize Every: 5 Minute/s can easily be changed to 50 minutes, or seconds, or 5 hours. Once you change these settings they take effect immediately.

Advanced In the Advanced settings area, you will find options for opening ATZ Minimized, using the ATZ Windows Clock Skin, and selecting your Region.

Now that you understand what the buttons and different displays on the main screen do, click the Advanced Button, Select the region closest to you, click Apply, and click Synchronize again from the main screen.

Now Atomic Time Zone is setup to use the Atomic Clocks closest to you.