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Apple releases new Powerbook with 17-inch LCD.

  1/7/2003 - Tuesday, January 07, 2003 2:05:07 PM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Including Firewire 2, built in Bluetooth, dvd recording, and 512MB of ram, the new Powerbook is more than nice, its sweet.
  Apple Computer announced today the introduction of the successor to their award winning PowerBook line, the new Powerbook.

  Including a new larger 17 inch LCD Display, it touts the largest notebook display in the world currently available for the PC or Apple. Weighing a total of 6.8lbs vs 5.4 for the older 15" model, the new Powerbook is also only 1" thick and modeled in high grade aluminum. Also including a built in DVD recorder, a 60 GigaByte hard drive, a 1 Gigahertz PowerPC G4 Processor, and 512MB of DDR RAM; the system rings in at $3,299 and ships next month.

  Also introduced was a 12" screen Powerbook, with a 40 GB HDD, 867 MHz G4 Processor, and Bluetooth wireless.

  The Firewire 2 technology included in the $3,299 model runs twice as fast as the previous version of Firewire at 800 Mbps. Firewire is used in many external peripherals including hard drives, and digital cameras and digital video cameras.

  "This is clearly going to be the year of the notebook for Apple," Steve Jobs said.

  Apple is projecting a sales ratio nearing 50% for notebook vs desktop sales in the next few years, and in the future sees notebooks outselling desktops alltogether.

  Not being an Apple man myself, I must say the new Powerbook is quite a beauty, especially with its impressive 17" LCD screen. I wonder how long it will take for the PC market to match this Apple offering? Hint, this size screen is coming soon for the PC notebooks too.

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