Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 PREVIEW...
  01/30/2001 5:16:00pm MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Internet Explorer 6 shows up early...
  Microsoft has been working on Internet Explorer 6 now for a year or more. Netscape 6 which was released last year was met with much disappointment because it didn't have many of the much needed lastest internet standards and wasn't considered a good product from the new Netscape under AOL. Microsoft didn't need to release IE 6 then, and still doesn't need to now because they still enjoy over 90% of the Web Browser market, something Netscape once owned 75% of.

  There are those however, that whenever they get their hands on something Microsoft hasn't yet released they just have to release it themselves. This isn't exactly smart because MS has every right to track who uses these "Previews" or pre-releases, and don't be foolish in thinking Microsoft doesn't know you're using something you're not supposed to have.

  Regardless of whether you're using IE 6 or not, it doesn't really matter because once something is released on the internet, illegally or legally, it's hard to get rid of.
  The version of Internet Explorer 6 that was leaked out, was distrubuted to Software Engineers like myself who are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Someone out there disregarded their agreement, and likely will be caught and prevented from getting such future privlages from Microsoft ever again.

  1 thing that Microsoft did that was very smart, was limit the version of IE 6 released to developers to only run on Windows 2000. Since Windows 2000 is a Business Operating System, this limits it's consumer out reach, so thousands who did happen to download IE 6, couldn't run it period.

  1 thing I do not appreciate, is those people who really dislike Microsoft, yet continue to use Microsoft on a daily basis as their base operating system, their source for accessing the internet via Internet Explorer, and their email program. It's really not nice to be a hippocrate.

  Whatever your case on Microsoft is, Microsoft continues to dominate the Operating System market, the Web Browser market and the Server Market. I like Microsoft and appreciate my relationship with them, so don't email me and tell me you dislike Microsoft unless you have a really good reason.

  Internet Explorer 6 though from the look and feel of it should continue to be the web browser of choice for internet users worldwide.

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