The Linux letdown...
  02/01/2001 12:55:00am MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Why the Linux OS is a letdown...
  Linux, the operating system Based on AT&T Unix was built by Linus Torvalds back in 1996. Since 1996, several companies have bet their business on Linux, only to be let down.

  While Linus Torvalds the original creator of the Open Source Linux OS doesn't work with these companies, he still works on Linux, that is part time. Now Linus has a job working for TransMeta, the people who were sued because IBM was using the x86 Intel architecture in one of their manufacturing plants. Even though Linus isn't working on his Linux full time, and rather working on his own version for embedded chipsets, these other companies have since 1999.

  The most noteable IPO (Initial Public Offering) of a Linux stock was VA Linux. Since Linux is open source, others are free to use it's name at their will, and they have, and they even created companies like VA Linux behind it. Well VA Linux did ok to begin with. At first their stock rose drastically from it's offering price on the opening day on the market.

  Now VA Linuxs' stock is down 95% from it's highs in December of 1999 or at around $10 a share. Linux was a major letdown for them, and they weren't the only ones. Other Linux stocks have met the same problems on the public markets, and none of them are trading ANYWHERE near their highs.

  Linux is a major letdown, and I'll tell you why. Linux was created by Linus because he didn't want to pay for a Unix OS he says. FreeBSD, the Berkely University of California based Unix OS has been free, and free long before Linux was ever created, in fact Yahoo runs FreeBSD. UNIX is a 30+ year old operating system created by AT&T to run their long distance phone network.

  Don't get me wrong, UNIX is extremely powerful, just look at Yahoo which runs FreeBSD, but not Linux. Yahoo proves FreeBSD's usefullness at the network layer, but AT&T proved this over 30+ years ago. It's sad however that after so many years, people are still trying to create new versions of Unix, and this is another reason why Linux has failed, and also failed on the open market, where it REALLY counts.

  Apple Computer is actually doing the same thing as well. Mac OS X (the X meaning 10), is a UNIX based OS for Macintosh or Apple, and is their next operating system to be released this March 24, 2001. Mac OS X is based on FreeBSD, again not Linux. Apple has done something better though, they are using a more true Unix, or FreeBSD and they've done a good job from what I've seen.

  Linux, not Unix or FreeBSD, isn't all it's cracked up to be. Sit down and take a look at the Linux Stocks, and let the black and white open your eyes if I havn't. For those interested in running a version of Unix, try FreeBSD for business, or Apples new Mac OS X come March 24. For those looking for an Operating system that's a little more recent, and much more powerful, try Windows 2000 Advanced Server.

  Forget Linux, or forget Windows and Unix. Make your choice people, Linux is a let down, Windows 2000 Advanced Server and FreeBSD are not.