Art Bell coming back Feb. 5th.

  02/04/2001 1:15:00 AM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

After years in retirement, Art Bell is coming back...
  Art Bell, the host for nearly a decade of Coast 2 Coast AM, his radio show, retired much to the disappointment of his 20 Million+ listeners, myself included. Well, now Art Bell is back this February 5th, 2001. He has had guests hosting his show for the last few years, and we all missed him. Undoubtably, ArtBell.COM will once again be the main site for his show.

  Art Bell is a rather controversial talk show host, for one because he has more listeners than any other radio talk show host, another because his show is late at night into the early morning, and third, because Art Bells' show is unlike any other.

  Art Bell talks about the paranormal, ghosts (Halloween is Ghost 2 Ghost AM), UFOs, Aliens, Time Travel, Government Conspiracies, and the like. He has guests who have written books on the various subject matter he discusses, has open lines letting anyone from anywhere in the world call in without being screened, and tomorrow guess who's the guest, Katie Couric, the famous morning talk show host.

  Over the years before his retirement, Art Bell spoke with famous people like Steven Segal, Richard C. Hoagland, and various other famous people and book writers.

  If you just happen to be awake, please listen to Art Bell and welcome him back. He will be on at 11:00 PM Mountain Time - 4:00 AM Mountain time.