02/06/2001 6:05:00 AM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Art Bell is back after 9 months, and back to normal.
  Art Bell, the late night radio talk show host, is back on the air. He comes back after 9 months early retirement, and he's just as good as ever.

  He started his day out with an appearance on the Today Show, with Katie Couric.

  Art Bell was approached by the radio network that carried his show, which continued even in his absence. He agreed to come back and host his show again, under 2 conditions. Art wanted fewer commercials, and his 5th hour back. The show had received more commercials in his absence, and was shortened to 4 hours instead of 5.

  His first guest for the 5th/6th show was Peter Davenport. Peter is a UFOlogist, and runs the UFO reporting center in Washington. Parts of the show (which was 4 hours, until they move back to 5) was about the ongoing sightings of Triangular shaped craft that hover silently. UFO's, government conspiracies, Time Travel, Alien Abduction, Crop Circles and the like are common place on Arts' Show, and are part of what makes it so unique and popular.

  Art Bell has more radio stations worldwide carrying his show than any other radio talk show, and he has more listeners than Fred Imus, Rush, and Howard Stern.

  Welcome back Art, I missed you.

  You can listen to the Feb 5th/6th show (from 11:00PM MT - 3:00AM MT) in it's entirety by using this link.