Sega Dreamcast games, get the XBOX

  02/06/2001 5:32:00 AM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Sega, now only a game publisher, gets their games on the XBOX
  In an announcement not expected until the Tokyo Game Show in Japan from none other than Bill Gates himself in late February, I've given exclusive technical feedback on the XBOX obtaining the Dreamcast's game titles. The Sega Dreamcast is Sega's last hardware game platform. Sega has exited the game platform industry, and will focus on games. Please read my story on Sega.

  Technically, because the Sega Dreamcast system runs the Microsoft Windows CE (Consumer Electronics) Operating System, and in fact has a Windows CE Logo on it, it uses Microsofts' DirectX for graphics. DirectX v8.0 is the core of Microsofts' new gaming platform the XBOX. Since both systems carry the inherent Microsoft connection, all of the Dreamcast game titles, could easily play on the XBOX, breathing new life into the Dreamcast's games, and their $100 Million investment in their online gaming network. In fact, at the time Sega announced they were exiting the game platform market on Feb, 02, 2001, there were still numerous game titles in development. Sega has announced support for every other platform officially, but they have not announced anything on the XBOX when asked specifically.

  Traditionally, the XBOX announcements have been saved for major functions, like the CES show back in January. The Japan equivalent of the US CES show, is the Tokyo Game Show, and I expect both Sega and Bill Gates will announce support for the Dreamcast games on Microsofts' XBOX. The site shows no Future Events planned, and has kept extremely quiet concerning Microsoft. It's just reading between the lines, and plenty of common sense folks. Let's wait and see.