02/07/2001 6:45:00 PM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Covad Communications is down, problem won't be fixed till tomorrow.
  Covad Communications (Nasdaq: COVD) is one of the few DSL companies still around. Northpoint filed for bankruptcy Chapter 11 protection, Rhythms has laid off plenty of their workforce, and they are all struggling to reach profitability. One problem that has plagued DSL providers is their initial investment in hardware, and the time it's taken them to get service up, and prevent service problems. Northpoint, Rhythms, and Covad are all still laying DSL Lines however bad their troubles may be.

  It is my professional opinion that DSL is a viable option, and the Phone companies aren't the only ones who think so. Covad was the first Nationwide DSL provider, and now faces stiff competition from the Incumbant Local Phone Companies or (ILECS).

  It is also my professional opinion that without redundancy, these DSL companies should not be doing business, and likely, from the looks of who's failed, if they can't keep their service running, they won't be doing business much longer.

  Tonight Covad is completely down as of 5:45 PM Pacific Time, and at their data center in Santa Clara California, don't expect to have things back up until the following AM. Around 5:45 PM Pacific Time, or Covads' time, their entire nationwide DSL Network stopped working. Covad provides DSL for nearly half a million customers, and for all of them to lose service, the end cost is outrageous. This could end up costing Covad their reigns as a company if they don't make sure it doesn't happen again. Covad recently ended up ridding itself of 400 Employees, or over 25% of their workforce. Covad is in the water, without a liferaft, and trying to keep from drowning. Can Covad swim?

  I think Covad and the other DSL providers however deep in the water they are, they can swim. It is my hope that Covad will start to swim faster simply.

  At approximately 2:25 AM Pacific time (3:25 AM Mountain Time), Covad is still down, and no word yet on what happened. Whatever happened, it was serious enough to bring their entire nationwide Network down, and is taking them a long time to fix. Whatever it is that happened, it isn't as simple as replacing a faulty card, or some faulty network equipment. This is a serious outage.

  PLEASE READ THE UPDATE STORY HERE-> Covad shuts down DSL Networks!
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