Microsoft unveils Windows XP, I reveal it.

  02/15/2001 5:31:00 AM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Windows XP = Windows Experience
  Microsoft unveiled the next versions of Windows and Office at the Experience Music Project February 13, in Seattle. The next version of Windows is Windows XP, or Experience.

  For those Jimi Hendrix fans thinking there is a connection, there most certainly is, and that's why Windows XP was previewed at The Experience Music Project, a $400 Million dollar center dedicated to Jimi Hendrix and others, funded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen themselves. This Windows XP unveiling comes exactly 1 day before Valentines day, or the day of Love.

  Just a day following the NASA NEAR (Near Earth Asteroid Rendevous) project landed on Eros, the Greek word for Love. This is where it gets really mysterious. I have a friend named Michael Fairchild.

  Michael Fairchild is the worlds most renouned Jimi Hendrix Scholar, and for much of his career worked directly for the Jimi Hendrix family. Well Michael Fairchild wrote a book named Rock Prophecy - Sex and Jimi Hendrix in World Religions, the Original Asteroid Prediction & Microsoft Connection.

  I highly recommend reading Michael Fairchilds' book Rock Prophecy. You may order it from or you may do a search for Michael Fairchild on

  It seems to me now, that not only has Michael Fairchild connected Microsoft with Jimi Hendrix and his Asteroid prediction, but Microsoft has connected it themselves now as well. Microsoft has done so in the following way:

   Microsofts' Paul Allen and Bill Gates build The Experience Music Project in memory of Jimi Hendrix
   Microsoft names their code name Whistler officially to Windows XP 02/05/2001
   NASAs' NEAR from John Hopkins lands on EROS Asteroid on Feb. 12, 2001
   February 13, 2001, Microsoft unveils Windows XP at The Experience Music Project in Seattle

   As you can see from the breif timeline, you can't dispute the connection Microsoft makes here.

  How I met Michael Fairchild in short was through a calling to seek out all the info I could find on Paul Allen. I have been great friends with Michael Fairchild ever since. While I don't agree with him on all his conclusions regarding Jimi Hendrix, in particular Jimi Saying in the song "Electric Ladyland", "Look up ahead, I see the Love Land. Do you understand?". In this quote from Jimis' song I believe Jimi was foretelling the landing on Eros, or the greek word for Love. Michael adds that "Whether or not our civilization can influence an Asteroid in our path depends on our collective effort in mobilizing a defense." Michael, I 100% agree with you on this point, though I don't think when Jimi spoke of Eros he was talking about it hitting us.

  You can email Michael Fairchild here: or you may call him at 716-244-5552.

  However you look at this info, read Michaels book, and know everything you can about asteroids, Jimi Hendrix, and the connection with Microsoft.

  Meanwhile, take a look at this screenshot of Windows Experience.
  Microsoft Windows XP homepage