Microsoft meets in Antitrust case today

  02/26/2001 2:30:00 AM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

It's been several years, but today Microsoft meets for their Antitrust case.
  Microsoft was ruled a monopoly by Judge Thomas Jackson in December of 1999, and today Microsoft meets again with the Government in the Appeals court to make their case against the ordered Breakup or Split of the Company Microsoft.

  It is my humble opinion that Microsoft has done no harm, and Antitrust investigations should narrow down on some other companies. One thing extremely unique with America is it's competitiveness.

  Microsoft has faced stiff competition since 1992 when their Antitrust investigation began. They faced it from IBM, from Apple, from AOL, Netscape, and countless other companies like SUN. Microsoft won some and lost some, but they remain the dominant force in the Software Industry.

  In comparison, AOL just merged with Time Warner to create the worlds largest Media Company, Oracle's Larry Elison hates Gates, and now hates the computer industry.

  Microsoft will make it's case today against the ordered breakup, and I'll write a followup story this afternoon.