Shawn Fanning taking moves...

  03/02/2001 4:10:30 PM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

The unnamed music service is finally taking moves.
  I won't name the music service name, but Shawn Fanning whos been fighting the law, is finally taking steps ordered by the courts. David Boies, the lead attorney defending Shawn Fanning in court, told the court today that they are working around the clock to implement a way to prevent copyrighted music from even being available to users.

  Read The rise and fall of Shawn Fanning to see more about how he created a service that steals music.

  I am happy to say that finally the Law is stepping down hard on Shawn Fanning. It's taking a very long time to get to this point, much because David Boies, a man whom I deeply respect has dragged out the legal avenues for Shawn Fanning this long.

  The unnamed music service (you should know by now what I'm talking about) will begin this weeked restricting it's database of music files which is a catalog of illegal mp3's on users computers from registering about a million illegal mp3's. This move comes from an appeals court ruling that they were indeed breaking the law, and had to show a way of attempting to prevent the law from being broken, or face being shut down immediately. This move is designed to show their response to the law breaking, but isn't anything new since this is how it's always been.

  The Recording Industry of America has been fighting this Service since the beginning, and is finally seeing their lawsuit come to an end in their favor, effectively putting an end to Shawn Fanning and his wide spread copyright violations.

  As you can clearly devise from my article The rise and fall of Shawn Fanning, there really isn't a way for the service to survive without the combined support of all the Recording Industry companies, who right now are being cheated and having their music distributed for free, breaking the Copyright Laws.

  It's down to a matter of days, maybe a few months before the ultimate fall of Shawn Fannings' illegal service for mp3 music distrubution.

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