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Windows Server 2003 solves DLL issues.

  3/7/2003 - Friday, March 07, 2003 9:19:17 AM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

DLL hell gets sent to hell.
A user installs Application A with DLL (Dynamic Link Library) component 1, user then installs Application B with DLL component 1 but an older or newer version and breaks Application A.

  Yeah, and then the user gets an error message from Windows that says application A crashed or could not run, etc. Many developers like myself and other regular computer folk often refer to this problem as DLL Hell. In fact, this is why I don't ship components anymore with my products that will break other applications, but will rather update ones system and potentially solve existing problems. This solution, our solution at AMO however does not prevent another application from breaking ours or others on a users system.

"This is a classic problem," Ivo Salmre, a manager for .Net and developer tools and technology at Microsoft, told ZDNet UK. "We have been beaten over the head about this for years now. You ship an application that uses component A. Someone else writes an application that also uses component A, but installs a newer version, and this breaks the first application."

  Microsofts solution, the best one there is, at least currently, is to issolate Applications and their version information to installed components or DLL's. In the new Windows Server 2003 slated for release in late April, Windows will finally put an end to dll hell. Windows takes an installed application, its required components and settings and writes them to the global assembly cache, a collection of installed applications and their version information and run requirements. Using this information at a later time when the same dll component is wanting to be installed, Windows prevents it from breaking the first application, stores the new applications settings, and allows both applications to run in issolation without either one having a dll conflict.

  Having these types of issolation features in a Windows Server environment is certainly a welcome feature for us developers and for end users of the software themselves.

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