Trying to stop the XBOX...

  03/20/2001 12:20:27 PM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Sony and Nintendo play dirty...
  It's been nearly half a year since my first inside source made me aware of Sony pressuring Software ETC. from even mentioning the XBOX, let alone promoting it. Now, nearly half a year later, Nintendo has done the same thing. This time however, Nintendo's confidential letter was leaked, and their VP of sales was made to speak for his words.

  In nothing more than a mere excuse representing actions that are unexcuseable, Nintendo had this to say about their letter asking retailers to stop promoting the Microsoft XBOX.

  Nintendo's vice president of marketing George Harrison said: "Actually, the purpose of the letter was to express to retailers our own curiosity as to why they felt this material belonged in their store...Our approach was, rather, to say to retailers that we weren't sure why they would be in the business of sending the consumer away from their stores when they have the potential to sell them something they have in stock today."

  I've said this before folks. Sony and Nintendo are done with. Not only are they scared, multiple scare tactics by the both of them have been documented before, and ultimately their scare tactics immediately come post major Microsoft XBOX announcements. Microsoft is spending but a mere 1/2 a Billion to market the XBOX. This represents nearly 100 times what Nintendo and Sony are spending on marketing their own systems. Don't let your common sense fail you people, when the dust settles, you can tell them <___The Dustman___> told you another one bites the dust.

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