Shawn Fanning crys FOUL!

  03/22/2001 9:08:50 PM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

In a court breif filed today, Shawn Fanning is crying FOUL!
  In a court breif filed today, Shawn Fanning, the man responsible for his actions, claimed that although his company is complying with the court order to filter copyrighted music from the service, he's ending up spending too much time filtering and is even filtering files that shouldn't be filtered.

  Shawn and his court breif go on to say that because he's spending so much time filtering these illegal files from the databases, he wants the record companies to pay them for their time. Um Hello, how ridiculously can you cry foul...Shawn your service is dead, and just wait for the damages to pile up and watch yourself dwindle into Bankruptcy. You deserve everything you're getting, the good- the -bad, and you should have known better. It's ok when you steal and get away with it right, but when you're caught that stinks and it's wrong right? Nope, stealing is wrong Shawn, keep on laughing, your smile isn't as big as it used to be...

  Beyond the first ridiculous request to get paid for removing the illegal files from the databases (which by the way can't be granted since it's by court order that the files are to be removed), another ridiculous request granting more time to filter the illegal files (why, when you've already succeeding in filtering the first 1.3M+ illegal files, what is that mountain of paperwork making the smiles go away...awww poor baby), and Shawn Fanning even goes on to say that the Music Companies are submitting false files to be removed...

  As a result of discovering these "supposed/alleged" mistakes, Shawn Fanning hired Rajeev Motwani, a professor at Stanford University, to audit the lists. Motwani found that as many as 700,000 files were being wrongly excluded. (HA HA HA, whatever think the RIAA is stupid or is it the judge?)

  In total, the company said it has blocked more than 228,000 artist/song pairs and more than 1.3 million total files since the filtering began two weeks ago (BY COURT ORDER). Activity on the network is also down significantly, it said, noting that the average user is now sharing 50 percent fewer songs than before the filters were installed. This is obviously a skewed figure since 99.9% of all users files are illegal, and we know this...

  You have to actually give Shawn Fanning some credit. For all the smarts and everything he's supposed to have, he's ended up looking pretty stupid after all, quite an act wouldn't you say? Maybe Shawn should be an actor because he sure does have a gift for convincing people that #1 stealing is ok if you don't go to jail, and #2 that he's smart when he's about as dumb as a shoplifter walking out of an electronics store with a few hundred dollars worth of merchandise in plain site while wearing a T-Shirt that says "I'm shoplifting, but it's legal".   I think Shawn Fanning should be in prison, after all he's about the guiltiest of anyone resulting in copyright infrigement crimes adding up in the millions of millions and the highest degree of felony in it's class. It probably won't come to that though, too bad.

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