XBOX, proof from Bill.

  04/16/2001 11:46:48 PM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Bill Gates speaks on the XBOX Demographic, and puts my facts on the market to the naysayers everywhere.
  You can only speak the truth so many times before you eventually make an impact with it. For my friend Mike, it seems this impact was all too harsh for him to accept before overwhelming childish emotions surfaced to posess him; he's apparently denounced our friendship and even feels like "beating me up"...but that's another article.

  Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, recently took time out of his busy schedule to talk about the XBOX console with NE Online after the Tokyo Game Show.

  "We want to sell it to everyone. The initial buying group will be very heavy in men from 14 to 30. These initial buyers will demonstrate Xbox to other people and word-of-mouth will get it to people of every age. The power of Xbox isn't just for the popular racing and boxing games. Its possibilities are wide open. There will be games that women like, while there will be others that capture the hearts of the elderly. Such expansion of the user base is healthy for the software industry."

  There you have it, right in front of you, the XBOX's Target Demographic from Bill Gates himself. This half a BILLION dollars on marketing will be spent targeting the above market, the largest gaming market in the world, late-teen/adult male game players.

  I've also uncovered an XBOX internal motherboard image recently used in a closed session with Wired Magazine, which will debut on the COVER of Wired Magazine's MAY Issue.

  If you're looking at that image on a lower screen resolution, you can probably make out the sticker saying "1,000,000,000 Instructions Per Second". That's 1 Trillion for you non zero interpreters. The Microsoft XBOX, combined with all it's power, being the first Video Game system capable of handling so many instructions per second, also has the worlds most advanced Grapics Chip ever made, also being the worlds most advanced Chip ever made.

  With the current state of the Industry, the Microsoft XBOX is the most highly anticipated gaming system ever, in the history of all gaming systems. The XBOX has so much anticipation, little kids supporting Nintendo have, of course, reverted to name calling, using of course the vocabulary of a 12yr old and younger.

  On the subject of Microsoft having no prior experience in the industry, at the face value this seems correct, looking deeper you can see the facts giving Microsoft the needed advantage to go head to head with Nintendo and Sony.

  FACT Microsoft has made several million+ selling PC Games
  FACT, nearly every million+ selling PC Game has been powered by Microsoft's DirectX Graphic Software
  FACT, every million+ selling PC Game has been powered by a Microsoft OS
  FACT, Nintendo miserably failed entering the PC Game Market with "Mario is Missing" in 1992
  FACT, Microsoft used it's OS to power the Sega Dreamcast, and it's Graphics Software.
  FACT, Microsoft is the most successful company in the world, and also the #1 Software company in the world, and Video Games are software, and MS has made million+ selling games.

  While Nintendo has done great in the past with Kids, and while Sony is currently number 1 for late-teens/adults, just like I've said before, if any company can successfully bridge these and all the other gaps in the industry, Microsoft is the one. Don't just take my word for it, see if you can reserve an XBOX, these spots have already been taken, and they're not even supposed to be taking pre-orders, but the CUSTOMERS have DEMANDED it. The XBOX customers are what matters, and stepping aside and observing from afar, you can see Microsoft and the XBOX have already made the biggest impact. Expect sales beating that of the PS2 system, breaking it's records and setting new ones this Holiday Season with the Microsoft XBOX Launch.

  10/11/01 Tuesday October 11th, 2001 XBOX Launch Date...< PREDICTION

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