XBOX, Real Time DOLBY Digital.

  04/18/2001 4:27:07 PM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

The XBOX, for the first time in history, has Real Time DOLBY DIGITAL Encoding.
  Ok Mike, there can be no doubt about this, you're jealous about the XBOX now. XBOX has a new REAL TIME Dolby Digital Encoder, fully endorsed by Dolby. Please, do read on.

  Dolby Laboratories announced today that the XBOX will feature the new Dolby Interactive Content Encoder, a breakthrough technology that dynamically encodes multichannel audio into Dolby Digital 5.1. The first encoder of its kind, the Dolby Interactive Content Encoder enables real-time Dolby Digital encoding in game consoles and allows XBOXers (I just invented that word [smile]) to experience explosive, cinematic audio using high-quality home theater systems. The XBOX will be the first gaming industry product to feature this technology. Previous video game systems could utilize Dolby Digital 5.1 only during non-interactive cut scene playback. In contrast, the Dolby Interactive Content Encoder enables the Xbox to provide interactive Dolby Digital 5.1 during actual gameplay, immersing the player in surround sound when it matters most, while playing the game.

  While others have tried before to add Dolby Digital to games, it has been impossible, because as you're playing the game, you're controling the sound so to say. To Date, there hasn't been a single game console with the ability to play Dolby Digital in REAL TIME gaming, that is until now with the XBOX, and ahem, only the XBOX.

  "We have chosen to incorporate the Dolby Interactive Content Encoder into the XBOX format because of its ability to deliver a superior multichannel audio experience to the gamer," said J Allard, General Manager, XBOX Platform. "We're delighted that the XBOX is the first gaming platform to be able incorporate real-time Dolby Digital effects into game play."

  The Dolby Interactive Content Encoder, as used in the XBOX, achieves superior output for all multichannel four and 5.1 channel game audio from Dolby Digital home theater/speaker systems, rendering interactive game sound effects in the same surround sound quality offered in DVDs. Moreover, the XBOX has a dedicated digital signaling processing unit within the XBOX Media Communications Processor, the chip that houses the Dolby Interactive Content Encoder technology, enabling the unit to perform on-the-fly-real-time Dolby Digital audio encoding with no game performance penalty.

  As a note, I think my friend Mike's favorite thing is his Sony Dolby Digital system, not his Nintendo, not his DreamCast, and certainly not his collection of high heel shoes. Mike wouldn't admit that however, and would probably want to beat you up if you mentioned such a fact.

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