XBOX Hardware in full production.

  04/30/2001 11:59:59 PM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

The Microsoft XBOX has just gone into main board production.
  Microsoft told me today that the XBOX final development kits are built and on their way. Further, previous XDK's were running at 50% of the final XBOX hardware in these final kits. Everyone working on the Internal XBOX team took some time to celebrate...ahem.

  What this means is that, even though some code modifications "tweaks" will be made to the current and launch games, us programmers don't need to change the code in a major way because from XDK to XDK the only thing that's changed is the power, not the code. This means that the graphic routines and others will simply use the main code, run faster, and look better. You thought the previous XDK screenshots and real-time playable XBOX games looked nice, wait until you see something from say, well I won't name names, but the games will all LOOK and PLAY better.

  Furthermore, as I've reported before, the XBOX has 7 manufacturing plants worldwide, some built from the scratch up, and the ones in Mexico, Japan and Brazil have started production of the main boards. You won't hear Microsoft making excuses about XBOX shortages. NVidia, as I also reported before has already been making 10,000 XBOX chipsets a day since Mid February. Nivdia also recently said that they were getting higher yeilds from the .15 micron process than they expected, and even decided to drop the price of their GeForce3 chip/video card to $399.

  As the XBOX goes through manufacturing, the NVidia chips, DDR 256Bit memory, and Intel 733 FCPGA will be cast onto the main board with the steel chasis, and later have the XBOX plastic shell snapped on.

  Expect a few full XBOX'es at E3 May16-18 LA running with FULL POWER and in REAL TIME.

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