Dell Computer considers more pink slips.

  05/06/2001 5:12:48 PM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Steve Jobs and Michael Dell don't see straight, but Michael Dell may need to fire more of his own...
  Steve Jobs recently unveiled the new Ibook, and said as he placed it next to a Dell Laptop which was black, while the Ibook is white "I don't think you could be any more black and white do you?"...

  Michael Dell had his own words for Steve Jobs before the Ibook unveiling saying that he wouldn't want the position as Apple's CEO, and doesn't think anyone would.

  Well, Dell Computer confirmed Thursday that it has withdrawn internship offers and job offers to save money, capping a turbulent week for the PC vendor that included an acknowledgement from a high-ranking executive that the company might pink slip even more employees.

  Dell says that they're operating in a softer demand environment for their products, and as they've done in years past, they're sizing their business to meet those demands.

  Earlier this week, a high-ranking Dell executive acknowledged the company might have to fire employees after financial analysts were quoted in the press saying that Dell would have to let go an additional 3,000 people to reduce its operating expenses.

  Back in February, Dell announced that it would fire 1,700 employees just hours before announcing its fourth-quarter results. Dell despite their boasting and harsh comments towards Apple, might have to do the same again firing a few thousand more employees.

  Although Dell seemed to have the edge in the PC market, the economy didn't concur. Dell managed to keep the #1 position in PC shipments worldwide, but it appears they won't hold this position.

  If one thing is for sure about Dell, Michael the CEO is eating his words about Apple, seeing many of their hard times turn true for him as well.

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