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  05/12/2001 8:41:41 PM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

We're less than a week from e3, and I need to set some things straight for the ignorant.
  It's bad enough when a so called reporter has to reprint his or her story because of false information, but it's worse when you know the editor and whomever the reporter/journalists is representing lets this happen in the first place. there is no such thing. This goes for your average person as well.

  Strong looking lies are nothing more than weak fears in the face of truth. I present you with the truth on the Microsoft XBOX, and most other XBOX supporters do the same. Unbiased? Journalists are supposed to learn this, but what's the point? Truth however bad it may seem does hurt some, it shouldn't. Truth shouldn't hurt, it should set you free from not knowing it at all. The problem is...some can't handle the truth.

  I don't lie, in fact I get sick knowing others do willingly. I have a relationship with Microsoft, and meet with them, in person, face to face, here in Albuquerque ON A REGULAR BASIS.

  On Wednesday of this coming week, Microsoft will do their own media control, setting journalists straight, demanding re-prints of falsified information, and letting the gaming world know they're here to stay. Without a doubt, many ill informed and ignorant people, acting idiotically, present their so called opinions, only to revert to their idea that "they don't care they were wrong". The point is, people, try and learn something.

  It's bad enough to know that human kind can fight and transverse negative speech over their choice of a Gaming system, let alone over other idiotic things. Yes, people you are passionate about what you believe in, and you should be, but that doesn't mean that you should stop learning.

  "Learning is the easiest thing you can do, you don't even have to move." -DDB

  A few minor things about the XBOX, that Microsoft will certainly clear up in the coming days/week...sadly they keep having to do this because of the pure ignorance people harbor.

  MP3's as Audio - A BIG HUGE NO...    Microsoft has their own audio format, and as I've stated before, this is used. Besides this fact, you can't make an MP3 with encoded Dolby Digital information, Audio CD's do have this ability. Since the XBOX uses a DVD format, don't expect any less from it's Audio than .WMA's (Microsoft's higher than mp3 quality audio format, and capable of true cd quality), and CD/DVD quality audio, not MP3's, get over those already. Let me also mention that the XBOX is the only gaming system capable of REAL TIME DOBLY DIGITAL ENCODING. How does this work? Imagine thousands of audio files playing from the proper speaker at the right time, thats how that works, not by using mp3's.

  The (enter Nintendo or Sony) system has better graphics than the XBOX - NO    Often considered a matter of opinion, and it's exactly that,"A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof". Sure voice your opinion albeit wrong. Once something is right or wrong there is absolutely no room for an "opinion" in my opinion. BIG SMILE - Technically and factually speaking, there is no other gaming system (minus a PC built for gaming) that can match the XBOX's graphics abilities. The XBOX has the worlds most advanced graphics processing unit, a programmable pipeline, and next time you want to compare apples to oranges, try the grocery store. Read one of my many XBOX GPU articles below for confirmation. Sure other games can look awesome, good, or even great on a Sony or Nintendo system, but does this change the fact that the XBOX's abilities can best them?

  Nintendo isn't a kid based company - OH YES IT IS...
  XBOX supporters often bring up this fact, no doubt to upset older Nintendo supporters. While it may be childish to tell older Nintendo supporters this fact, it is often necessary, and it is just as childish to deny this truth.
   Most of the older Nintendo players/supporters regret this fact. Psychologically they feel left out, and right in their stance...they are proof this fact is wrong, Right? It's hard to change 15 years of market data, facts, and you can't change history. Nintendo does have a chance to change their future as a company, and they are giving it their best shot. As of now, in the current time, their trend continues of being a company that appeals mainly to children, sells mainly to children, and while this upsets their older audience when they are confronted with this, it doesn't change a thing. Even with the GameBoy Advance launch in Japan many months ago, over 90% of their sales were to Children between ages 5 and 12. In fact, Nintendo does so well selling Children Entertainment, it has supported them for more than 15 years.
  Microsoft and SONY are closer in their target demographics than Nintendo's is to theirs...FACT. Sony's PS1 out sold the Nintendo 64 more than 2:1, and Sonys PS2 has been out selling the Nintendo 64 more than 8:1 since it's release...FACTS. Substantiated (and synchronictically I might add) conclusion, Sony and Microsoft are targeting a bigger market than Nintendo is and has in the past.

  The XBOX HardDrive is worthless. - A BIG NO NO    10 GigaBytes of data worthless? Ok, please delete the harddrive you are using to view this page. Instructions are below...Proceed to C:\ from Windows Explorer and double click it. Hit CTRL-A at the same time, then SHIFT+Delete keys at the same time - Answer "Yes to All". Thank you. (it's 10 Gigs, not 8 Gigs anymore, funny how most reporters still get this wrong showing nothing but their true ignorance)

  Dolby Digital in REAL TIME - Who cares?.    I do, and so does most everyone else who will play an XBOX and have this one of a kind technology with the opportunity to utilize it in gaming.

  10/11/01 Tuesday October 11th, 2001 XBOX Launch Date...< PREDICTION

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