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  05/14/2001 12:57:57 AM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

e3 for Microsoft is just over 2 days away, they're actually starting the event, and its time...
  As if there weren't enough children, and oddworldly (pun intended) enough adults arguing over pointless opinions, a story on news stands now reads "the battle of seattle" - surely provoking the anger of many ill informed consumers. Microsoft and Nintendo in America are near Seattle.

  So what is all the fuss about anyways? Silly Yamamuci, Nintendo is for kids. To sum that up, this is about Microsoft entering the Gaming business in a huge way, with their XBOX system, boasting the one of a kind abilities and best of the breed graphics. Guess who Microsoft is up against? Yep Sony and Nintendo...Sega already bowed out.

  Just after Sega bowed out of the hardware business for games, they announced 11 titles for the Microsoft XBOX, including popular titles such as Panzer Dragoon and Gun Valkyrie. Sega annoucing this, and exiting the hardware business within weeks of each other really stirred things up on game sites and magazines across the world. Suddenly a "War" not a battle had begun. Sega announced they were making games for the Microsoft XBOX before announcing they were making games for anyone else.

  Interestingly enough, a huge XBOX game is dubbed "WWF Raw is War™, by a top game publisher THQ", seemingly fitting for the CES keynote speech Bill and "The Rock" gave back in January of 2001. Since January of 2001, Microsoft has turned up the heat on what I like to call the gamometer.

  gamometer - gA M aw meh ter - a form of measuring the anticipation of games - "The gamometer spiked when I saw the Halo and Doom 3"

  Microsoft has created a system that is unmatched in it's technical abilities, be it speed, functions etc... The XBOX is entering the gaming industry like Windows 95 entered the PC arena. There is a lot of talk about changing the way people think about video games, and people are changing the way they think of video games. In much the same way Doom created a genre of First Person Shooters, the XBOX is creating a genre of extremely advanced, sophisticated, and immersive game players unparalleled in this industry before.

  I've spoken before, and even written before about a change in games that is happening, a vision I had of games as entertainment more than a decade ago. Who stepped up to make this happen? Microsoft did, and they've forced everyone else in the industry to take notice. Now Microsoft has turned up the heat, its XBOX time.

  Robbie Bach - Team Leader of the XBOX recently had this to say about Nintendo "Let's face it, Nintendo's system is for kids, we're for sophisticated gamers. I don't know any 30-year-olds who want a GameCube." like I said, its XBOX time...or better yet the proverbial "No more Mr. Nice Guy"...

  Microsoft hasn't only turned up the heat, their recent moves are more like a massive solar flare scorching those who doubt their seriousness. Microsoft bought Bungie, who is currently at work on Halo...Microsoft recently purchased Ensemble makers of the multi million selling series "Age of the Empires™", MS announced a partnership with Taco Bell to target a demographic of XBOX buyers - males ages 17-24...

  Since the XBOX unveiling in January 2001, confirmed Developers and Publishers for the XBOX have grown to 241. Confirmed titles are also past 200. Historically speaking, the Microsoft XBOX has more support and confirmed titles before it's launch than any other video game system...ever. With a budget to match, MS is spending half a billion dollars to market the XBOX, more than Sony or Nintendo are spending, and another historical first.

  Nintendo hasn't said much about it's Gamecube system at all, but Yamamuci the CEO of Nintendo placed everything on this weeks e3, and mentioned the possibility of not launching a Gamecube at all. I've done financial research on Nintendo, and you're welcome to read my other XBOX articles if you'd like some insight on why their CEO would even let something like that slip in a Japanese Press Conference regarding Nintendos' financial situation.

  Before the Sony PS2's now historic launch in the US, and just after it's launch in Japan, the Japanese government said they would limit exports of the unit to the US, citing that the system was so powerful that it could be used to build cruise missles. Now most people think the PS2 didn't sell as many units as it could have in the US because of manufacturing problems, and parts shortages. CNN covered PS2's Launch in Japan, and carried the Japanese Governments comments on it as well. Nintendo at the same time was promising a system called "Dolphin" to be released in August of 2000. It's May 2001, and Nintendo delayed their possible Japanese launch of Dolphin now GameCube to September of 2001.

  Microsoft has stood firm on their launch date of the XBOX despite the past practices of the video game system industry, slated to reach higher than the movie industry with Microsoft's help. Microsoft has said in hundreds of press releases that the XBOX will ship this Fall, 2001 in the US and Japan, and they're going to announce the exact date at e3 when they kick-start the show with their announcements led by Bill Gates himself.

  It's going to be a great e3 starting this Wednesday, let me say it again, its XBOX time.

  Man, I need a vacation this Winter...

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