to be bought by Vivendi

  05/21/2001 4:52:02 AM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Everyone is going legit for online music, is the latest.
  Vivendi Universal will buy for $372 million or $5 a share, a 60% premium on Fridays stock close of $3.01; MP3.COM. This is a twist of irony because Vivendi has several lawsuits pending against, and won a judgement earlier this year against for more than $50 million.

  These kinds of deals aren't anything new in the past few months, as RealNetworks, Microsoft, and even Sony who was in talks with Vivendi, build their online legal paid music subscription services. Vivendi said "the combined audience for and for Vivendi Universal's GetMusic, Farmclub and Emusic initiatives would reach some 40 million registered users." This would give Vivendi the largest online music audience of any of the major music groups.

  In the light of the strict law enforcement now in place against Shawn Fanning's illegal creation, it is more than obvious that the major software companies, and indeed the record labels are stearing clear of his now highly infamous illegal music swapping service.

  MP3.COM had their fair share of trouble, and with several tens of million dollar lawsuits still pending, they've already paid out a few hundred million in court awarded damages.

  (The press release stated that 120 technologists will help Vivendi Universal get a handle on its digital content-delivery initiatives.)

  There is no clear winner yet in online legal music distribution, but several things are certain. #1, the service must be legal, and #2, people want digital quality cd or better music if they're going to pay for it...

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