XBOX at e3, in conclusion

  05/21/2001 6:23:26 AM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

the biggest e3 ever, and Microsoft is responsible
  E3 this year was my first. As the expo representatives have told me, this e3 was the biggest ever held, and they contribute this mostly to Microsoft.

  Many people havn't heard everything there is to publicly know about the Microsoft XBOX, and e3 had few big surprises, and for a reason. For instance, you didn't hear Microsoft bragging that they spent $10 BILLION in developing the XBOX over a period of 15 months.

  You didn't hear Microsoft slandering the well known industry leaders like Sony and Nintendo. As a Microsoft Insider, there isn't much I can tell you about the XBOX that wasn't said at e3 by Microsoft publicly, other than to say simply, this is Microsoft.

  More of a battle of words, Nintendo and SONY decided to repeatedly downplay, and even talk negatively about Microsofts entry into the home video game system market. If you know anything about competetiveness, and the spirit that truely underlies it, you know that attempting to Psych your opponent out doesn't mean squat when you lose the race.

  To diverge on this point, I was a competetive swimmer for United States Swimming for more than a decade, travelling nationally, competing all over the US. My competitors repeatedly attempted to Psych me out no matter what the state, and one thing I learned is that this is a projection of fear. When your opponent fears your dominence in the sport, business, or whatever the case may be, this is a good sign.

  By SONY, and Nintendo directly addressing their "opinions" (lack of facts, thus opinions) on the XBOX, they ending up showing their fear of the XBOX. Microsoft, and specifically Robbie Bach and the developers exclusively backing the XBOX simply sat back bringing up the facts, and very few opinions. A lot of "I thinks" came from Robbie Bach (Cheif XBOX Officer), but everytime Robbie did this, they were in response to "What do you Think questions".

  SONY had their fair share of harsh stabs at Robbie and Microsoft on Saturday during the 1 hour closed session on the Future of the Gaming Industry. Sony accused Microsoft of following their lead, and doing exactly what they're doing. Let me possibly be the first to tell you, Robbie stated the facts while Sony took these stabs, and Sony is afraid of Microsoft. Sony demonstrated childish behavior, and in doing so they demonstrated their fear of Microsofts' XBOX.

  How is SONY afraid of Microsoft? The XBOX has superior technology, they fear this even though SONY is currently in the lead having a full year ahead of Microsoft when the XBOX launches Nov. 8, 2001 in the US. As you all know, technology comes a long way in a year.

  SONY does however deserve their confidence, but in no way do they have the facts to say Microsoft is "following them, or copying them".

  What SONY did in the past 7 years is nothing short of amazing, and yes they have the so called "Bragging rights", but this in no way lends one to being a bragart like Sony is.

  SONY sold an incredible 80 million Playstation 1's since 1994 worldwide, and 10 million Playstation 2's since it's release. In 7 years SONY has been able to match 50% of what Nintendo did in 20 years. Sony has a larger marketshare than anyone before in this industry, and this data is a basis of taking a close look at Nintendo in the past 7 years.

  Nintendo has only sold to date 200 Million units of hardware, 120 million being the GameBoy series. With the NES, SNES, and the N64 combined Nintendo has only sold 80 million units worldwide. Sony did that with their first system ever, the PlayStation 1.

  Sony and Nintendo continued to sling these equivelant statements back and forth, and at times even directed them at Microsoft. If you're still unsure of what SONY and Nintendo may have to fear from Microsoft, ontogony recapitulates phylogony, and Sony certainly doesn't want this to happen and neither does Nintendo.

  By all indictions, Microsoft has the lined up potential to overthrow SONY and beat out Nintendo within a few years, starting with the launch of the XBOX on November 8th.

  Nintendo and Microsoft carefully picked their launch dates, and should both of them keep their dates (Nintendo has already postponed twice before for the GameCube - previously called Dolphin) it will be an all out visual representation of target demographics at work.

  Nintendo is planned to launch the Gamecube in the US on November 5th, with Microsoft following on November 8th, and their target demographics cannot be more different. Nintendo's strength is in children, while Microsoft will be targeting males ages 16-26 - with Taco Bell and a total of $500 million in marketing and advertising.

  The Saturday closed session between ISDA, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft revealed the much talked about market data and demographics that I've talked about for much time. As I've been saying for a long time now, SONY and Microsoft are more similar as Nintendo's target market couldn't be more dissimilar. For this very reason, Nintendo, even while still focusing on childrens games, does plan to expand their late-teen/adult offerings. It remains to be seen whether Nintendo can compete with Sony and Microsoft in their markets and shake 20 years of what makes Nintendo tick.

  In conclusion, expect some great surprises from Microsoft in the coming months regarding the XBOX, because just like a poker game, you don't have to show all your cards and you can keep on raising the stakes.

  "True innovation oftens comes with true speculation that it isn't true innovation" DDB - 2001

  Official XBOX Launch Date: November 8th, 2001 11/08/01
  Official XBOX Price: $299.00 US Dollars

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