NASA releases High Res "Face On Mars"

  05/26/2001 1:23:44 AM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

At 1.5 meters per pixel, these are the highest resolution images of the Face on Mars ever released.
  There are many who have made claim to a "Face on Mars". Our American TAX money was spent on taking better pictures of this area on Mars, dubbed Cydonia. Cydonia has been claimed to have among other things, a face, pyramid, structures, and the like. NASA took the pictures, and what came were more claims to coverups, image manipulation, and a great conspiracy theory.

  When _some_ people found these NASA pictures yesterday, NASA was "forced to respond" that they released them over a month ago, I found them yesterday - so I cannot say if they were there a month ago. For some people, everything is a conspiracy. A Conspiracy? Not unless you create one.

Face On Mars 1976 Viking 1 - Face On Mars April 2001

Above is a slightly larger image of the "Face On Mars" taken in April 2001 (MGS MOC Release No. MOC2-283, 24 May 2001 [image number E03-00824]) with the Mars Global Surveyor. You may view the full size 5.4 MB image by clicking here.

  I highly suggest you do the reasearch on your own, if you're interested in learning all the angles of this "Face on Mars". They're out there all right and the facts are everywhere, but what does this "face", and "Cydonia" in general mean? Our neighbor Mars is interesting indeed. We're not alone which is obvious, and it's absolute ignorance to think so; just a lack of knowledge or in many cases a lacking abilty to even want to learn or listen to the truth. But do these images represent advanced civilization structures? From the images - NO. From the Scientific proof of the images - NO. Does this mean life didn't once exist, or perhaps still does on Mars? NO, they're just pictures not proof of or against life on Mars. Common sense is a gift - use it.

  Is it a Face? Well, according to this new picture NO - not at all. There are however many, whom even after this picture was released have resorted to using the 1976 picture more and more - Why? You can answer that one yourself. Some people just won't let go of the lie - they do not seek the truth to begin with.

  You can attribute the "Face on Mars" to the "Man on the Moon" - which actually, eventually we placed men on the moon. So when humans do land on and explore mars in person - you can most certainly say there is a Face on Mars. Right now, with the pictures as proof - you can't say there is a "Face on Mars", there simply isn't proof available for it, but against it there is.

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