NASA comments on UFO Video.

  06/09/2001 4:01:01 AM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Derbyshire housewife has sold what she says is a video of a flying saucer to a Hollywood producer, and NASA is interested.

This made the front page of BBC news in the UK.

Sharon Rowlands, 44, and from the village of Bonsall, in the Peak District (United Kingdom), was paid 20,000 ($40,000 US Dollars) for the footage by hollywood producer Robert Kiviat (the man behind the Alien Autopsy special on FOX). Sharon also stated that officials at NASA have asked to examine the tape, because they believe it shows the same type of craft once spotted by the space agency's own cameras during a space shuttle mission.

  Ms Rowlands said she took her film with a camcorder after hearing an eerie noise outside her home one evening in October of last year.

  Sharon Rowlands says she filmed the object while it hovered in the sky about two miles away.

  "It resembled a giant disc with a bite taken out of the bottom," she told reporters.

  "As it hovered over the woods, it seemed to expand and then get smaller again...We could see it pulsing as if it started up and then it just went it came really close at one stage and I thought it was going to land in the field." She adds, "You can hear me on the video say "Wow!".   The video footage Sharon took shows what is a large craft that emits red, yellow, orange and blue lights and has a dark circle in its centre. The craft hovers in the sky before moving to the right and emitting pulses of light from its left-hand side, then flips over, showing two deep scarlet lights, and disappears in a red flash.

  Sharon was so certain of the value of the footage she recorded on home video, she had locked it in a Nottingham bank vault before sending it to Robert Kiviat in America.

  Robert Kiviat was a guest on Art Bell tonight (June 07/08), and had this to say about the footage.

  Robert said NASA has similar footage from a space shuttle video, and NASA explained it as the camera lens trying to adjust to a bright light. Sharons footage happened around the same time, and has the same characteristics of the Space Shuttle footage which was shown live on NASA TV.

  Robert wants cooperation with NASA and an explanation from them for his upcoming Fox Special "Could it be true?". Robert also produced the "Alien Autopsy", and the "Worlds Greatest Hoaxes" FOX specials. "Could it be True" could be on FOX as late as early this FALL.

  Sharon Rowlands' is but one of many alleged sightings of strange objects in the sky over Bonsall in the last many months.

  Another woman reported seeing a "ball of fire" in the skies, and another woman saw "two big, bright lights" in the sky.

  The Meteorological Office said there were no unusual weather conditions that might have explained Ms Rowland's sighting.

  Just so you don't leave here without seeing a UFO Video for yourself, here is one from 3 years ago, it's short, and not the one mentioned above, but nonetheless it's a "home video" and contains sound. This one really gave me that "goose bump" feeling.
   Short UFO Video with sound taken approx. 3 years ago.