Shawn Fanning, the last CRY!

  06/27/2001 1:37:19 AM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

It's time for Shawn to put up or shut up, is he legal or is he not?
  The short answer is no, Shawn Fanning and his illegal music trading service hasn't EVER been legal, that is without prior permission to use such works. It seems Shawn Fanning had his last Appeal thrown out in a 3 all decision published Monday. Shawn wasn't in the US however, and is in the UK.

  If you're wondering why Shawn Fanning is all of a sudden legal, it's because he had no choice, and because as much as he'd like to convince himself that he did nothing wrong, lawyers representing big artists will start to demand payments and will receive them. That is what is happening, good old retribution.

  So while Shawn Fanning is in the UK meeting with, and reaching an agreement with the British trade group Association of Independent Music, or AIM, which claims to represent more than 25 percent of the U.K.ís music market, his troubles still haunt him from the US via the Judicial System. One Independent Artist worthy of note whom AIM brings to Shawn is Moby (a techno Maestro with well known songs such as 'Porcelin').

  Even with all of these "LEGAL" agreements, what is really happening, as I clearly stated before is the admitance of guilt, something lawyers like to call "Silent consent". Paperwork is starting to pile up against Shawn Fanning, as well as his "company" debts. Time will tell whether or not he can answer the question of "is he or is he not legal; and can you pay us the money you owe us now?".

  The European Commission is currently investigating MusicNet, Duet, and the US courts aren't happy with Shawn either. The clock is counting, Shawn's huge userbase of illegal users have gone elsewhere to steal and trade their goods, can Shawn survive legally since he's proven he can't illegally?

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