Microsoft Antitrust Case - NO BREAKUP

  06/29/2001 3:01:53 AM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Microsofts' Antitrust appeal leads to NO BREAKUP.
  They said Microsoft would be broken into 2 companies, and Judge Jackson ordered it, but Microsoft wasn't hearing that and appealed. As I stated before, they wouldn't break up Microsoft, and defnitely wouldn't send the case back to Judge Jackson. Read my coverage of the 2 days of the Microsoft Antitrust Case Appeal at the bottom of this page.

  In final, and vacating Judge Jackson's BREAKUP order, the Thursday, June 28th ruling of the U.S. COURT of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit said in part:

  "We vacate the Final Judgment on remedies, because the trial judge engaged in impermissible ex parte contacts by holding secret interviews with members of the media and made numerous offensive comments about Microsoft officials in public statements outside of the courtroom, giving rise to an appearance of partiality."

  Judge Jackson's order to breakup Microsoft into 2 companies last June, 1 for operating systems, and 1 for applications was stayed during the Appeals process, and further magnified by his harsh comments on Microsoft to the media. Amongst Jacksons' harshest comments in public speeches and interviews with reporters, Jackson expressed his views on the case and regarding both Justice Department and Microsoft attorneys and personnel, and Jackson likened Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates to Napoleon.

  Now that the Microsoft Antitrust case is sent back to a lower court, and a new Judge, new and fresh comments from both sides will be heard on the case.

  You may read the full US Court of Appeals 120 page ruling on the Microsoft Antitrust Appeal here.

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