Universe birth, by SuperComputer.

  07/31/2001 9:51:35 PM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

This little supercomputer is attempting to plot our universe's birth.
  From London, Britain, scientists hope their new $2 million dollar Sun Microsystems supercomputer will help them discover the secrets of the origins of our universe.

  While this supercomputer isn't the biggest in Britain, it has an interesting specific function, find out what happened when the "big bang" happened.

  The University of Durham in northeast England says its Cosmology Machine could store the contents of the British Library--and still have spare memory. "The new machine will allow us to re-create the entire evolution of the universe, from its hot Big Bang beginning to the present," said professor Carlos Frenk of the university's physics department.

  Many cosmologists now back the Big Bang theory, which claims that 15 billion years ago the universe, then the size of a tennis ball, began violently expanding.

  "The Cosmology Machine takes data from billions of observations about the behavior of stars, gases, galaxies and the mysterious dark matter throughout the universe and then calculates how galaxies and solar systems formed and evolved," the representative said.

  The supercomputer should have enough memory with the equivalent of 11,000 CD-ROMs worth.

  Just Monday of this week, scientists in California stated that they had found evidence of bacteria from outer space on the edge of the Earth's atmosphere.

  The discovery appeared to support the controversial theory that life evolved in outer space and reached the Earth from comets.