Shawn Fanning - Napster gets "screwed"

  08/09/2001 1:10:58 AM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Borrowing from "tightening the screws", this time Napster is screwed.
  Wednesday, August 8th 2001, the RIAA asked for a summary judgement on Napster illegally and willingly violating Music Copyrights by operating their service. Behind this service is ex college student and dropout Shawn Fanning.

  MP3's have long been traded illegally on college campus's, and Shawn Fanning wasn't the first to do this, but he was the first to make a company doing it. From the beginning I have said that Shawn knew what he was doing - that is violating copyright laws.

  I've even heard from a few Napster supporters with their heads in the wrong place telling me I'm all wrong, and that I'm an idiot - then telling me why they think I'm an idiot. Aside from the humorous and ironic emails I've received from "Shawn Fanning fans", Shawn has had his fanny kicked, and now he's screwed.

  It's not as if the Court ordered shut down, then required copyrighted music filtering wasn't enough, but now allegedly the RIAA has emails from Shawn Fanning stating acknowledgement of wrongdoing. A quote from this email was included as evidence to the Court which the RIAA requested reviewed for the summary judgement against Napster.

  "Admitting we know Napster is used for the transfer of illegal MP3 files might not be the best thing to do... I mean... obviously people are going to use it for that purpose," Fanning said in the e-mail exchange, according to the motion filed by the RIAA.

  Co-Founder of Napster Sean Parker isn't fairing well either. In a memo describing Napster's business plan, co-founder Sean Parker also provided evidence of the company's knowledge of infringement, the motion states. "Users will understand that they are improving their experience by providing information about their tastes without linking that information to a name or address or other sensitive data that might endanger them (especially since they are exchanging pirated music)," Parker is quoted in the motion.

  There you have it Napster supporters. Here is my "I told you so.". Now please, email me with more intriguing reads and try not to tell me I'm an idiot - it lessens the strength of your arguments.

  It's not hard for me to understand supporters of Napster in where they were getting tons of music for free, and most likely enjoyed it. What is so important to understand and comprehend here is that what is wrong is wrong. Napster supporters should read my P5 Software article - it outlines how the law, with the aid of P5 Software can place you in jail for sharing copyrighted works like Music with the rest of the world.

  The record labels and music publishers requested a hearing Oct. 1 before U.S. District Court Judge Marilyn Hall Patel on the summary judgment motion. Can Napster operate legally before their imminent termination and damages phase which could reach into the Billions? Napster is still shut down, and no file has been traded on Napster for over a month since July 2nd, 2001.

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