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Windows.NET Server hits a high score.

  9/12/2002 - Thursday, September 12, 2002 7:11:53 AM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Denting Unix, Windows grabs some high server scores.
  In a long running battle, Microsoft and several different Unix flavors compete for best scores in real world tests used to rank the performance of each hardware software combination server. One such test is named the TPC-C from the Transaction Performance Council. In current standings on the performance top ten, Clustered Windows Servers own 6 of the top ten, and the top three spots. Three different flavors of Unix occupy the other spots from IBM, HP, and Sun.

    The current TPC-C test in which the Windows .NET Server 2003 built by NEC grabs fifth is a non-clustered test. The non-clustered test is often considered more real world where database performance isn't split across several machines. In this particular test, Unix flavored servers occupy 8 of the top ten positions, a stark contrast to the real world clustered results. The $4.6 million NEC system Tx7/i9510 made another dent in the Unix domiance with 32 of Intels Itanium 2 processors.

  In comparision with the other Unix servers, the NEC system running Windows .NET Server 2003 is a complete bargain for $4.6 million. Even at fifth place, the NEC system posts the lowest price/performance ratio of all the top ten machines, including another Windows Server at place #10 built by Unisys.

  The new NEC server was demonstrated Monday at the Intel Developer forum in San Jose. In this demonstration, NEC used Intels new "Madison" processors vs. the slower Itanium 2. This suggests that next year, in the same TCP-C test the Windows system may gain even more ground on the other Unix servers. This would be due to the higher clock speed and high speed cache of the new Madisons which is a main difference between the Itanium 2.

  In other Top Ten TPC-C results, Windows takes all top ten spots for the best price/performance ratios.

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