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Could Microsoft buy Game publisher Rare?

  9/12/2002 - Thursday, September 12, 2002 7:38:14 AM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Microsoft buying rare would place them in business with Nintendo.
  Microsoft and Nintendo are competing head to head with each of their game systems, the XBOX, and the Gamecube.

  Nintendo fans have long respected game publisher Rare because of Rares well known titles "GoldenEye", "Perfect Dark", and "Donkey Kong Country". In 2001, Rare games represented 9.5% of Nintendos game sales. So why would Rare sale to Microsoft?

  Sources say that Nintendo lost its chance. Nintendo already owns 49% of the Rare company based in Warwickshire, England, but has passed on several chances to purchase Rare outright. The sources also told CNET that Rare may welcome Microsoft due to Nintendo not commisioning any more exclusive titles to Rare, and Rares declining contribution to overall sales for Nintendo.

  Such a move by Microsoft would place them in business with Nintendo, Microsoft owning 51% of Rare and Nintendo 49%, making Microsoft the overall owner and controller of the company. Microsoft has already acquired game companies to add to its overall in house game development for both the PC and XBOX platforms. Microsoft purchased game publisher Bungie well before it released the XBOX for example.

  Even with Rare being a good game publisher, I seriously doubt a purchase of Rare by Microsoft is going to happen. Why? Because you don't make your competitor rich in business if you can avoid it. With Rare being owned 49% by Nintendo, Nintendo would make close to half of the profit. No, Microsoft would not let that happen. A purchase of Rare by Microsoft would have to include no leftover ownership by Nintendo, and is Nintendo willing to sell Rare? Well, according to "the source" it is.

  With the Microsoft XBOX going Live soon (as in online game play) does Microsoft even need Rare? I don't think so. The PC Platform has long had great talent and game developers with strong market experience. One such example is PC Game publisher Blizzard. I think Microsoft has stronger acquisition potential with companies not owned partially by Nintendo. At times, I wonder why such rumors ever get published. Perhaps its simply the shock potential.

  Nintendo fans, rest assured this guy doesn't see this happening. I also say, you can have Rare. I'd much rather see Microsoft have someone like Blizzard - but I also don't see that happening. :)

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