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Linux isn't doing too well.

  11/9/2001 - Friday, November 09, 2001 12:33:33 AM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

According to Goldman Sachs, the Linux OS barely registers in their survey results.
  Goldman Sachs released its first information-technology spending report this week, based on a recent poll of 100 executives from Fortune 1000 companies that, in part, asked about highest and lowest spending priorities. Broadly speaking, the results were unsurprising: Corporate tech budgets aren't expected to increase in 2002; big technology companies such as Dell Computer, IBM, EMC and Microsoft are gaining market share; corporate clients are cutting back on less urgent areas and focusing money on more immediate needs.

  So who cares about Linux anymore? Well, the rise and fall of Linux as a "Desktop alternative to Windows" was fairly predictable. The old rule, it's hard to sell something that is free rings true again. Several IPO Linux companies may have cashed in big initially years ago, but it's not years ago again, and these same companies are for the most part - dead.

  Linux - the free Unix based OS built by Linus Torvalds, wasn't ever an alternative to Windows. Linux was, and still is a free alternative to Unix. Ah, but the powers that be saw a purchasing opportunity with Linux, bundled it under their name, used FREE Graphical User Interfaces, then slapped their name on it, built companies on it, and sold it in stores like CompUSA. Whew. The gamble didn't pay, and just didn't work.

  So where does Linux stand against the other "Free" Unix based OS's? FreeBSD is no longer free (well not really see Below), and Unix is still Unix - Tight - costly, and made and used by some big boys like Sun.

  The whole Linux as an alternative to Windows really started when the "free" operating system creator Linus was compared to Bill Gates. All flattery and humbleness aside, Linus jumped on this, and joined the "I decided to make a free alternative to Windows" BS. It really was BS. I'll tell you why.

  Linux simply isn't Windows, only Windows is Windows. Hard to imagine? More like common sense, but some people just can't shake the anti-Microsoft mentality. Go figure that Linux "barely registers" in Goldman Sachs survey... I said so a long time ago. Don't get me started on the other "free or alternative graphical os's".

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