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File swapping case may bring P5 into Court.

  11/9/2001 - Friday, November 09, 2001 12:45:00 AM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

Even mentioning P5 in the courtroom will open many doors.
  The Electronic Frontier Foundation is jumping to the aid of illegal file swapping software companies - which now find themselves in a position Shawn Fanning didn't want to be in - the Courtroom under control of LAW.

  The EFF has represented hackers, cryptographers, computer scientists, and the like trying to push the rights of few and bend the law of many. The EFF has won some and lost some - they'll lose this one too.

  The EFF agreed to defend MusicCity against copyright infringement charges by movie studios and record labels. Beep - wrong move.

  The movie studios and the record labels are but a few outlets defending their rights. The Business Software Alliance, with clients such as Microsoft; helps stop Internet Piracy, and essentially that's what MusicCity does with their software - allow internet piracy to exist easily. The Business Software Alliance has implemented our P5 Software to fight internet piracy.

  All the record labels and movie studios need to do is bring up piracy and P5, and it's all over for MusicCity. The EFF plans to argue many uses vs the major use - a similar stance Shawn Fannings' legal team took, and look where it left him. The argument the EFF has made in defense of MusicCity is already proven wrong factually and statistically by our P5 Software. It seems P5 may have it's first entrance into court, simply to prove a negative falsehood - the idea that's it's okay to steal because there are other uses other than stealing.

  Essentially, people have a right/wrong gauge built in - people who still know they do, but if they don't feel the repercussion, what's the harm right? The harm is P5 is certainly recording illegal internet acts, and placing huge fines, and people in jail because of them - that's the reality.

  "This case is about the freedom of technologists to innovate and the public's right to communicate," said Fred von Lohmann, senior intellectual property attorney for the EFF. Let me just say that the freedom to innovate a nuclear weapon doesn't permit it's worldwide use. Let me also say that the freedom to innovate a software tool which allows one to easily commit a crime doesn't permit the crime.

  These lawyers are essentially arguing their own demise in a lost case. They're making the point for P5's existance, and also allowing it's courtroom introduction as a tool to stop internet crimes by simply recording them as evidence.

  Give up Electronic Frontier Foundation; you guys have downloaded your last few mp3's, harbored your last electronic criminal, and sealed your own fate in this case.

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