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Spray painted Linux.

  11/28/2001 - Wednesday, November 28, 2001 6:28:52 AM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

I told you Linux was hurting - bad, now they've resorted to Spray painted AD's in San Fransisco.
  IBM, a key supporter of Linux for obvious reasons I won't go in to, resorted to paying their AD Agency to spray paint Linux AD's on sidewalks and streets around the city of San Fransisco.

  Now, with a criminal record, IBM has the press they probably wanted all along - Linux the thug artist of San Fransisco - We at IBM support Linux, look at our artwork - step on it - drive over it. The city of San Fransisco, along with stiffing IBM with the criminal action, added a $100,000 fine along with $20,000 in cleanup costs.

  It doesn't seem to me IBM got exactly what they bargained for, but I'm sure they're lawyers mentioned the misdemeanor charge was a minimal crime, and not a big deal. Known as guerrilla marketing, IBM created a peace symbol, a heart, and the Linux mascot the cold penguin then planted them all over SF. The nine month court battle ended in the City fines and cleanup cost, as well as a stern warning not to paint the streets with their ADs.

  This wasn't your average Spray paint Graffiti Misdemeanor however, which usally carries a $500 fine. Instead, the big message here for IBM is, #1 you now have a crimal record in the state of California, and #2 you have plenty of money, so lets make $500 $100,000, and add a $20,000 cleanup fee to that. On top of those fees, please pay the city of San Fransisco $9,000 in attorney fees. Thank you.

  IBM confirmed the settlement, but declined to comment further. The deal should be signed by the San Fransisco Mayor after December 3rd.

  Linux really didn't need this kind of help, it still has a stern - almost cult kind of following. For mainstream acceptance, IBM hasn't done their fight for Linux any justice, the San Fransisco courts have.

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