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Comcast to marry AT&T Broadband

  12/21/2001 - Friday, December 21, 2001 11:11:46 AM MST Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

In a merger valued at $72 Billion; this company will be big...
  It was a busy last few months for AT&T Broadband and Comcast, as well as Excite@Home. Early December Excite@Home cut AT&T Broadband @Home internet customers, and AT&T proceeded to absorb the near a million users with some headache. This all happened after AT&T Broadband withdrew it's bid to purchase the bankrupt Excite@Home for $307 Million.

  Comcast bid for AT&T Broadband publicly back in August for $44 Billion, and it was rejected. This opened bidding for others such as AOL Time Warner, and the private bidding ensued. Comcast re-bid, and won with the $72 Billion deal which includes AT&T Broadbands AOL Time Warner share.

  Being such a large merger, the combined company to be called AT&T Comcast will take as long as a year to become merged. This will give both companies essential time to carry out the intensive network organization that will be needed to get their cable networks ready to merge, almost at the flip of a switch.

  This won't just be a Cable company however, that sells Cable TV and Internet access - it will be a communications giant. Remember, this is AT&T and now Comcast combined. AT&T Comcast will enter the local telephone markets, and you'll be able to buy broadband internet access, your local telephone, and digital interactive Cable TV all from AT&T Comcast.

  Now that is a Long Distance. Speaking of Long Distance, AT&T Comcast could spell trouble for regular old AT&T if AT&T doesn't get it's act together. Long Distance will be dead as a per minute charge within potentially less than a decade. With AT&T Comcast to be created within a year, a few years after that they could be offering free long distance over the internet combined with their phone service.

  I said all along that Comcast would be the best bet for AT&T Broadband, and I'm glad this merger is planned to carry out. The new AT&T Comcast company will have access to 38 Million homes and have a customer base of no less than 21 Million users, right out of the gate.

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