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Never Offline™ Service/Software released for FREE to the internet community.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM--SEPTEMBER 29, 1999--AMO announced today it's Computer Software Division (CSD) has released AMO's Never Offline™ technology to the entire internet community FREE OF CHARGE.
Announced today, NOL™ is powered by AMO's technologies. Specifically designed for any internet user who wishes to maintain a 24/7 connection to the Online World, this service incorporates our Internet Search Portal™ technology, the ability to work with America Online and or your current Internet Service Provider, seamless "docking" with your current internet environment, and instant internet surfing capabilities from anywhere on your desktop at anytime.
"AMO is pleased to continue our support for the internet community, and allow everyone on the internet to experience Never Offline™, the way the NET originally intended," said Dustin Brand, owner of AMO. "AMO is committed to delivering 24/7 internet capabilities to everyone on the internet, today."

About The Never Offline™ Service
The NOL™ software service operates in a 24/7 fashion keeping you online indefinitely. It doesn't matter whether you use America Online and or an Internet Service Provider, NOL™ does its job seamlessly.
The NOL™ service is available in an industry-standard, Microsoft® Windows® platform-compatible, 3MB software package. NOL™ delivers compelling, next-generation abilities for today's demanding Microsoft® Windows® compatible home and office internet environments. These services are manufactured at AMO's (CSD), incorporating our #1 technologies from our in-house facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

About NOL™ Technology
NOL™ technology, developed by AMO, was the first innovation to the internet that significantly enhanced a users ability to use the internet 24/7. Combining multimedia and the internet has ALWAYS been our sweet spot, now we simply do it 24/7. It uses AMO/NOL™ technology to provide a way to maintain 24/7 Internet Access. AMO introduced this technology for the internet community today, September 29, 1999, with the Never Offline™ service after almost 5 years in R&D.

We predict the worldwide user base of NOL™ technology-enhanced PCs will grow to more than 15 million users in a period of 12 months. Support for NOL™ technology exists today in leading industry-standard Microsoft® Windows® OS's, including Microsoft's Windows 9x and the new 2000.

Cautionary Statement
Investors are cautioned that all forward-looking statements of management's expectations involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from current expectations. Any forward-looking statement about AMO's NOL™ involves risks and uncertainties including whether customer demand for NOL™ will continue at current or greater level. Investors are urged to do their research regarding our NOL™ technologies current demands.

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