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For Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Server 2003

  America's Multimedia Online - Atomic Time Zone Server Software
What sets ATZ Server apart from other time servers?     View some of our clients!
    Atomic Time Zone Server is the only server in the world to support all 4 major time protocols in one tight package. In fact, ATZ Server supports 5, including our own ATZ Server Client Protocol.
Running DayTime Protocol (RFC 867) with NIST ACTS support, Time Protocol (RFC 868), SNTP v4 Protocol (RFC 2030), UnixTime Service, and the ATZ Server Client Protocol for use with ATZ Server Clients included with ATZ Server.
    ATZ Server can fully replace the Windows Time Services, including Daytime, and NTP with more robust versions of each.
    ATZ Server can operate fully as a true Windows Service allowing remote administration, and enhanced security controls. ATZ Server fits seamlessly into any existing Windows Network.
    Redundancy - ATZ Server comes with a Stratum 2 status meaning it is capable of serving 100 or more clients, and that it gets its time from other Atomic clock sources via the internet. Even if one server fails, ATZ Server has multiple redundancies built in with auto negotiation of other servers randomly.
    Cost - Hardware time servers with 1/10th the features of ATZ Server Editions cost between $1,500.00 USD and $10,000.00 USD. ATZ Server Editions offer many more features, are highly configurable, support more protocols, have built in redundancy, and cost a fraction of the cost of a hardware time server solution.
  Atomic Time Zone Server Editions Feature Comparison
  ATZ Server v5.1
  Starts at $99.95
  ATZ Server.NET
  Starts at $149.95
  Multithreaded ServersNoYes
  Built on .NET FrameworkNoYes
  Maximum # of Clients5-25015-Unlimited
  IP Blocking technologyNoYes
  Dockable GUI EditionNoYes
  Newly designed User InterfaceNoYes
  Ability to run as Windows ServiceYesYes
  Nasdaq OATS complianceYesYes
  WC3 Extended LoggingYesYes
  ATZ Server Client LoggingNoYes
  Server Synchronization LoggingNoYes
  Local clock accuracy (Lab)< 50ms< 10ms

  Atomic Time Zone Server Editions start at ONLY $99.95 USD!!!
  Is ATZ Server lacking a feature you need? Thats ok, we've added features specifically for some of our clients. Depending on what you need added or done to ATZ Server or ATZ Server.NET or even their clients, your additional custom feature can be added for as little as $49.95!

  Starting at just $99.95 ATZ Server is also the most cost effective and feature rich Time Server in the World. With an included 5 ATZ Server Client License, you can run up to 5 included custom ATZ Server Clients on other PC's vs using NTP or another supported time protocol. Our ATZ Server Clients are also capable of running as Windows Services and were designed specifically for use with ATZ Server.

  Region Issolation - ATZ Server issolates other atomic time servers according to their region. This means that when ATZ Server does synchronize itself with an Atomic Clock, it does so with the least amount of latency possible resulting in the highest accuracy.

  Automatic redundancy initialization. If and when an atomic clock host fails, ATZ Server automatically selects another from its updateable list of servers according to its geographical region. Other time servers can't do this simple task.

  Capable of running as a service OR a standalone application allowing ATZ Server to run with or without a Graphical User Interface and in different security contexts.

  Atomic Time Zone Server is capable of logging each time request in a WC3 Extended log format.

  Atomic Time Zone Server is extremely simple to configure. You can enable or disable a time server from the click of a checkbox as well as enable or disable UDP or TCP from the click of a checkbox. For further added configuration, you can even select the protocols specified port for extended customization on an internal network.

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