Atomic Time Zone Server.NET Revision History

5.3.2.* Major New Release 8/28/2006

  • Added improvements from .NET 1.1+
  • Fixed some issues in the GUI Mode affecting servers becoming fully operational in TCP under certain conditions.
  • Added Registry option of LocalOverride. Allows the server to sync itself on the local clock. Major New Release 6/23/2004
  • Improved Speed and Memory usage.
  • Added Black/Green LCD like readout.
  • Regression tested to support 100,000+ time requests per day.
5.3.01 Major New Release 9/22/2003
  • Updated ATZ Server List and speed enhancements.
  • Increased speed of GUI Version.
  • Various other GUI enhancements.
  • Added new Block/Allow Firewall feature for Service and GUI Editions
  • Added System TimeSecure™ feature. Enables ATZ Server.NET to maintain system time within a tolerance - prevents failed time distribution from a failed atomic time server sending a false time or the local system time being changed manually. Maintains ATZ Server.NET atomic time accuracy regardless of local time change or failed remote atomic time server. A MUST have feature for atomic time servers and a UNIQUE feature to ATZ SERVER.NET.
  • Added configurable local time server synchronization logging in WC3 format.
  • Redesigned GUI Setup for ease of use and more option space.
  • Updated ATZ Server.NET and ATZ regular Server Clients to contain rollover Servers. If one server goes down clients will randomly pick one in the secondary list. Total Redundancy protection.
  • Fully regression tested to handle well over 100,000 client requests per day.
5.2.01 Major New Release 4/02/2002
  • Updated ATZ Server List and speed enhancements.
  • Increased speed of GUI Version.
  • Various other GUI enhancements.
5.2.0 Major New Release 12/05/2002
  • This major new release introduces Microsoft .NET Framework technology.
  • Multithreaded adding the highest possible time accuracy.
  • Lightweight ATZ Server.NET 100% Windows Service
  • Redesigned GUI Edition user interface.
  • Logging abilities added to ATZ Server Client.NET editions.
  • New ATZ Server.NET Synchronization Log when logging is enabled.
  • New Unlimited Edition offering support for virtually unlimited clients designed for enterprises with 250 or more client machines.
1 - 5.1.1 Major Releases 8/03/1996-9/21/2002
  • Includes all releases of ATZ Server regular non .NET edition.