Welcome to Atomic Time Zone Server.NET!

  Atomic Time Zone Server.NET Software is the first software of its kind in the world.
  This is because, not only does ATZ Server.NET support ALL major time protocols in the world, all at the same time, it does so with intelligence and ease of use.

  ATZ Server.NET was built from the ground up using the latest Microsoft .NET Framework technology; its ready for the next generation of software from Microsoft, and servers.

  ATZ Server.NET is also the first Windows Time Server built with 5 time protocols, all in a tight multithreaded package. Multithreading allows the clients, and the server itself to receive their time requests as accurately as possible.

  Whether you are a financial institution needing NASDAQ OATS compliance, or a Fortune 500 Company, ATZ Server.NET can provide accurate time throughout your enterprise. Its more cost effective than a Hardware Time Server, and offers more things like logging, more protocols to choose from, and comparable accuracy (within milliseconds). Less feature rich hardware time servers often run $2500.00 USD or higher, and offer little to no options. And guess what happens to these hardware time servers without redundancy? Yes, that is correct, inaccurate times. ATZ Server.NET has built in redundancy, if one server is down or unreachable, another one is immediately selected according to your geographical region.

  Atomic Time Zone Server.NET provides internet and local area network access to all major world time protocols at once. Operating 5 time servers in one package is quite an undertaking.

  While Windows NT, 2000, Windows XP, and Windows.NET come with built in Time Services, these are not only less than accurate, but they are also not meant to run as atomic time servers themselves. Don't believe us? Ask Microsoft or consult the Windows Time documentation.

  In addition to fully replacing the built in Windows Time Services with full Server services, ATZ Server.NET adds more time server services like logging and additional time protocols.

  In short, ATZ Server.NET is an all in one Time Server solution for Windows including servers for NTP/SNTP, Time or ToD, DayTime, UnixTime, and our ATZ Server.NET Client Protocol.

  All in all, Atomic Time Zone Server.NET is a great addition to your Windows Operating System, and supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and .NET.