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For Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP

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  America's Multimedia Online - BrowserBuddy Software    
  Our "Popless" Technology doesn't allow New Internet Browser Windows "Popups" to even load.
  Unlike other supposed "internet popup preventors", we call our technology "Popless" for a reason.
  BrowserBuddy integrates seemlessly into the Windows Internet Explorer environment and uses very few resources.
  Parents can rest assured knowing that BrowserBuddy and its Safe Surfing features are at work.
  Block Internet sites by domain, internet url, or by words in their Titles.
  Automatically Delete Internet Files, History, and Cookies from your machine at specified intervals or with the click of a button.
  Delete the files you don't want to keep, and save the cookies you do.

  Our "Popless" Technology
   Unlike other supposed "Internet Popup Preventors", BrowserBuddy with our "Popless" Technology doesn't even let the new internet browser window load. While the "other guys" are still searching for your new internet popup window which is already loading or loaded, BrowserBuddy is sitting back and relaxing because the popup doesn't have a chance. The other "Popup stopping" technologies rely on letting the popup load first, waiting for it to load, then closing it. Not only is this technology false, but it wastes resources, takes time, and still flashes on your screen. Our "Popless" Technology within BrowserBuddy is called "Popless" for a reason and its truly arcane.

  Safe Surfing Technology
   Taking the built in Internet Explorer Content Advisor settings several steps further, BrowserBuddy can block internet sites by domain name, entire urls, entire countries, or keywords in their titles. Parents can easily setup the safeguards for internet content, and prevent the sites from ever loading so their children don't get a hold of some of the internets most questionable content.

  Privacy Protection Technology
   BrowserBuddy can protect your privacy. You can setup BrowserBuddy to automatically clear your internet history files, your internet temporary files, and or your internet cookies all at once at a specified interval, or with the click of a button. BrowserBuddy also allows you to save the cookies you wish to save, while getting rid of those you don't.

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