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P5 Software = Port - Track - Trace - Report - Stop
Stopping illegal use of the internet, starting with Gnutella.
http://amo.net/P5 - http://InternetPiracy5.NET/COM

We created P5 for use by Government Agencies and the Private Sector to enable them to enforce their laws and to protect their property. P5 Software has started where peer to peer left, and that is Gnutella. Internet Crimes are being commited in the masses, and P5 Software for Gnutella makes it possible to record these crimes, report them, and by that action stop them.

"It was only a matter of time before they got caught"

Who is using P5 Software?
Business Software Alliance is using P5 Software for Gnutella. Read AMO's press release and about BSA.

Quickly Learn About P5 Software for Gnutella
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Attention New P5 Software for Gnutella Users!
Check out the P5 Software Tutorial. This will help you learn all the features of P5 for Gnutella, and get you started with the basics. This Tutorial P5 New User Tutorial can help you get started using all of P5 Software.

If you have trouble with any aspect of P5 Software, there are plenty of options for help.

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