Flat Panel Displays, set to DROP!

  04/16/2001 10:01:13 PM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

6 months ago I said it'd start in 6 months, and here we go...
  Flat Panel Displays, used in Laptop Computers, and even hitting the home as "Plasma Displays" and LCD "Monitors" have silently been dropping in price amongst the price war going on. Nearly 6 Months ago I said it would take about 6 months for a major price reduction in LCD Panels. Major being, right now it costs about $20,000 for a large FPD/LCD you see on news programs like MSNBC. In the next 6 months, this price should drop below $6500.00. Comparatively, a 15" LCD Monitor for your computer will be reduced from $799 to under $500.

  Leading the price war, along with their market dominance as the #1 Brand is NEC. NEC officials are already talking tough. "We're going to be making a significant announcement; a very clear indication of our desire to maintain our No. 1 brand share," said Al Giazzon, a vice president of marketing at NEC. Giazzon stopped short of predicting a price war but did say that NEC will flex its "ability to pass along manufacturing savings to [its] customers."

  Quick LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Lesson
* LCD's Consume 60% less power
* LCD's are Flicker Free and use a Digital Interface, unlike analog CRT Displays meaning they are easier on the eyes for prolonged viewing.
* LCD's create less heat
* Take up less space, and weigh much less
* Can be made in any size, and are perfect for wide-screen because they are FLAT.

  A few other price factors involve infrastructure. Companies like SONY, RCA, Philips, Panasonic, and most other major TV/CRT manufacturers have huge investments in their CRT manufacturing. Until more companies like NEC build out and invest in their LCD infrastructure, prices will not mach those of CRT's. I predict this will happen in the next 2 years, currently with NEC and Mitsubishi leading the way, but the other CRT companies are sure to follow as DEMAND spikes supply even more so than now. When supply matches or breaks the current DEMAND, prices will fall again. Expect the PC Industry to play an important ongoing role in this LCD price reduction.

  LCD displays in Laptops are cheaper because they are able to interface directly without analog interfaces using the required Digital interface. Most LCD Monitors now on the market are being sold with the required Digital interfaces built onto the Video Card, and Video Card manufacturers like NVIDIA are already selling Digital Video Cards with FPD interfaces. FPD Analog interfaces built into some of the LCD Monitors add to it's overall price, about $150. Once Analog interfaces are no longer required because of the next generation of Video Cards, this Analog interface built into the LCD Monitor can be removed, and adding another $150 price break. It is sure however that good old economics will play the most important role in price reduction.

  Added competition in the LCD/FPD Market, increased DEMAND with matching supply, and manufacturers building out their infrastructure and replacing the CRT's with LCD plants will add the most significant price reduction yet in FPD's.

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