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1 Year Later, XBOX, GameCube, and the PS2.

  10/17/2002 - Thursday, October 17, 2002 10:05:40 AM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

XBOX sets records, Nintendo loses Rare, and the PS2 is still #1.
  It wasn't really hard to predict that records would be set this last year for the Home Video Game Industry; after all, there was plenty of money involved and Microsoft was one of the contenders.

  For a small part, many will argue the last year in the Video Game Industry saw two new very good game systems enter the market, the Microsoft XBOX, and the Nintendo Gamecube. Most will argue one system over the other, and many still argue the PS2 is king. Lets let the record speak for itself people.

  The XBOX has the hardware advantage over the PS2, and the GameCube. If you don't wanna hear the truth, I suggest you stop reading now. The XBOX, I argue, even has the Software advantage, bolstered even more so now with the aquisition of Rare, from, none other than 50% Nintendo. Many people thought the XBOX would flop, fail, lag far behind Nintendo, and lose downright to the GameCube right out of the gates. These people were clearly wrong.

  Most of the records set this past year, in hardware sales, and software sales were made by none other than the Microsoft XBOX. I decided to wait, nearly a year, before I blasted Nintendos scare tactics, Sonys bully attitude, and the overall obvious media blitz spearheaded by the two Japanese companies against American Microsoft; for the main reason so I could let things play themselves out, and have another big "I Told You So".

  Here we are, at nearly a year later. The Microsoft XBOX Live system launches before this XMAS. Its gonna be an XBOX XMAS, especially here in the United States, or so I predict.

  The GameCube has done well, mainly overseas, Japan, but that can be expected on "home turf" and with a solid client base built over a decade with strong Video Game Experience. One Nintendo fan might wonder where all that experience was when they accepted Microsofts money and sold Rare. Where is Nintendo strongest still, 1 year later? With the kids, and in the handheld market. A market facing steep competition from other "portable" devices as the "kids" grow up.

  The PS2, ah, the Sony PS2. Sony has a bad reputation of bully tactics towards the XBOX, and Microsoft. It might interest some to know that Sony may have a lead in the Video Game System market, but its certainly threatened, just like I and many others said it would be. When Nintendo and Sony feel threatened, they respond, and in ways have teamed up against the XBOX, especially in Japan. I won't go into this, and I'll leave you thinking.

  "The market can't sustain 3 gaming systems at once." Ok, whatever idiot said that hasn't been watching the market. Systems come and go, and Sega had far worse problems than only selling 10 Million+ DreamCasts. They couldn't push the Software, and the also couldn't grab the developer support. It was different then with the DreamCast, PS2 and N64. In many ways, it was also the PS1 (so thats 4 systems). I simply don't buy the argument that the market can't sustain 3 systems at once. Why not? It has in the past in far a more "unequal" sales comparision, and its doing it now.

  Whos Winning? The PS2 had what you could attribute to a 5 mile head start on a 1 mile run. Or more, if you want to play with numbers. However, in under a year, not only has the XBOX and the GameCube each sold millions of games, and systems, they took pie from Sony. There is only 1 pie, and only so many pieces. Perhaps thats what those idiots talking about only 2 giants in the market means - no, I still think they are idiots.

  Moving on, what games sold well, what didn't, who broke records, and who made some firsts?
  Lets start with the XBOX sales milestones:
  XBOX First "console" in history to have three 1 million + selling launch game titles within 8 months from system launch.
  XBOX Largest spike in sales in the US following the console "price cut war" in May, 2002.
  XBOX Most Game Titles within 8 months, and 1 year of system launch. 200+
  XBOX 10 Million + units of Software sold, a record for the US territory for a launch system within 8 months.   So, as you can see, not only did the XBOX launch it set records.
  Nintendo claimed records of its own, but since the NPD didn't back them up, and since Nintendo chose not to provide any matching statistical data, or a source for their data, I'll simply mention what they say, and take it at that:
  GAMECUBE Nintendo claims it to be the fastest selling game system of all time, selling an average of 27 units per minute. They also released this quote just before XMAS, and through US Media. They ALSO chose to "question" Microsofts own statistics, and offered no proof of theirs, while Microsoft did. This is just one example of how Nintendo has acted towards the Microsoft XBOX, and in their own press releases - shame on them.

  ALL worldwide numbers for the TOTAL SALES of the XBOX and the GameCube show the XBOX, not once, not twice, but many times throughout the year leading the GameCube in sales. Instead of turning this article into an all out posting of Nintendos and Sonys dirty laundry, I'll simply say to you, check the facts.

  The point is, they said it couldn't be done, that the XBOX would fail, and it stunk, its hardware was infantile to the massive hunk that is the GameCube and PS2 specs. I set those straight right away, just look at the XBOX hardware, its superior - end of story. Then it switched to the Software, Microsoft couldn't create good games, that they had no experience, and I set that straight right away. Then it switched to sales, look, we're selling more units at this second than you, somewhat infantile in itself, but nothing new - now I'm setting that straight.

  My MAJOR prediction is that by the time the Holiday Sales figures come in (for 2002), you will see the XBOX surprise once again. This time, think before you speak Nintendo and Sony fans. Odds are you are going to lose another piece of the pie, and everyone likes pie.

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